Our favorite T Shirts for the Winter weather from the summer of 2017 to sleep in over the winter to remind us of the arrival of Spring in 2018.  We just have to get through January and February. Order them in Style and when the warm season arrives then we are ready, set, go...


This item will be restocked in January 2018

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These T shirts come from SIRENE.  SIRENE is actually an English publication that focuses on the Ocean. It is almost club like and very cool. The magazine is sort of a presentation piece and the editions usually sell out in London.  The t-shirts they produce help to fund their venture.

As London is the most expensive city in the world they are a little pricey, not too bad  but their aim is true. Add a little extra time for shipping. God Save the Queen! And the Ocean!  -

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SIRENE # 6 Released December 7, 2017

The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope.

Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.

                                   Jacques Yves Cousteau 

Earth from 22,000 miles. NASA


How can you not love Alys Beach? Named after the Birmingham Alys Stephens (pronounced Alice) who was a lifelong patron of the arts and beloved member of the Birmingham Community.  Alys Beach is an architectural master work and built on the principals of Andres Duany.

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And during the Fall and winter there is nothing better than to dress warm for a cold night and then roll out of bed in what we consider to be the best pajamas in the world from Sleepy Jones. Kate Spade's husband Andy whose brand of lounging around the house and sleepware is the best.

There is a new company from Zurich called Zig Zag Zurich that gives artists a vehicle to create and sell their designs at  reasonable prices. If you are going to spend a third of your life in bed then by all means jump into a dreamy one and pull the duvet up and read something great before drifting into slumberland.



Caitlin Foster is an artist, illustrator and designer from Brooklyn,. She makes intricately detailed drawings that reference objects found in her personal environment,creating patterns that transport the everyday into a psychedelic realm

We love Laura Knoops design called Highlands for her Duvet Cover / Pillow Cases$107.59  with free shipping to the US with orders over $100.


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